Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Teaching the weather to you children

Personally, I will enjoy teaching my children about the weather. Living in Britain you can be assured that your tots will learn just about every type of weather! Although currently, they will only learn rain, wind and overcast!

Minky Monkey Moo Rain Cloud

Minky and Monkey were very excited when I unveiled their weather chart, which each day we shall complete together. However, Monkey was more interested in getting the felt to stick to the backing than he was at learning about weather.

Minky Monkey Moo Sunburst

We gazed out of the window and discussed our surroundings: was it raining - is the ground wet, can we see drops falling into puddles, on leaves etc; is it windy - are the branches blowing, is the grass moving; what colour are the clouds - white or grey, non-existent; is it snowing; is the sky blue and the sun shining; are there clouds in the blue sky and sun; and so on?

Minky Monkey Moo Weather Elements 1Minky Monkey Moo Weather Elements 2

Made simply from felt, glue and a Fuzzy Felt backing board purchased from a charity shop, this simple tool is an asset to your teaching.

Minky Monkey Moo Weather Board

I hope to develop this chart by adding the written day of the week and temperature, but feel that my tots are a little too young at the moment and I do not wish to overwhelm them with everything at once.

Have you made something similar? Do share!

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