Friday, 12 April 2013

17 Dressing-up Costumes to Make for Boys

Boys love dressing-up just as much as girls; this has been proven in my house! The costumes below would be welcomed by any young boy and could create hours of fun.

Fabulous Batman and Superman cape tutorials are available from 'Sewing in No-Mans Land'.

Leprechaun Hat by Free Kids Crafts
Leprechaun Hat
Pirate Hat by Free Kids Crafts

Pirate Eye Patch by Free Kids Crafts
Knight's Armour by Free Kids Crafts

Free Super Hero Cape Logo Patterns by Vanilla Joy

Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet by Filth Wizardry

Peter Pan Costume by Make it & Love it
Superhero Party Masks by Cutesy Crafts

Superhero Bins by Sugar Tot Designs
Army Vest by Simple Joy Crafting

Dino Tail Tutorial by The Train to Crazy
Pirate Life Costume by Dana Made It

Buzz Lightyear Costume by Seamster on Instructables
No-Sew Shark Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive

Shark Fin Costume by It's The Life
More Winged Costumes by Martha Stewart

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