Friday, 26 April 2013

29+ Free Birthday Invitations

Free invites that look great... fabulous! Thankfully it appears that many generous people are willing to design and post their invites with no fees. With the cost of parties, at least some pennies can be saved on your little one's big day.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Teach your Child the Different Body Parts.

Although my babes know their body parts, there is always room for improvement. Also, I am about to go through the teaching process again with my youngest, so any tools to aid the lessons would be a welcome addition.

Friday, 19 April 2013

45 Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Personally, I find Birthday themes an issue! Apart from the generalised themes, I am not aware of the endless possibilities available and could have passed-by a far more suitable option for my child's party.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Teaching the weather to you children

Personally, I will enjoy teaching my children about the weather. Living in Britain you can be assured that your tots will learn just about every type of weather! Although currently, they will only learn rain, wind and overcast!

Minky Monkey Moo Rain Cloud

Minky and Monkey were very excited when I unveiled their weather chart, which each day we shall complete together. However, Monkey was more interested in getting the felt to stick to the backing than he was at learning about weather.

Minky Monkey Moo Sunburst

We gazed out of the window and discussed our surroundings: was it raining - is the ground wet, can we see drops falling into puddles, on leaves etc; is it windy - are the branches blowing, is the grass moving; what colour are the clouds - white or grey, non-existent; is it snowing; is the sky blue and the sun shining; are there clouds in the blue sky and sun; and so on?

Minky Monkey Moo Weather Elements 1Minky Monkey Moo Weather Elements 2

Made simply from felt, glue and a Fuzzy Felt backing board purchased from a charity shop, this simple tool is an asset to your teaching.

Minky Monkey Moo Weather Board

I hope to develop this chart by adding the written day of the week and temperature, but feel that my tots are a little too young at the moment and I do not wish to overwhelm them with everything at once.

Have you made something similar? Do share!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

6+ Activities to Help You Teach Your Children the Alphabet

How do I teach my children the alphabet - all 52 letters (capital and lower case)! It seems an impossible task. Thankfully, some help is at hand - 6+ tools below.

It is amazing how different siblings can be; with Minky, learning is a slow process (although sometimes she pretends she does not know the answer and then at a later time will tell you!), while Monkey grasps anything he is taught immediately.

With Minky, any activities that aid the learning process are an asset!

Alphabet Treasure Hunt by Boys Germs

Now that the warmer weather is on its way, this will be a great activity to get your children learning whilst absorbing crucial vitamin D.

Animal Alphabet Letter Cards by HP Creative Studio

These cute and colourful alphabet cards, will make learning fun. A game of snap or hunt the letter will get your little ones giggling!

Alphabet Flash Cards by Mr Printables

Gorgeous cards to entice your little ones to learn their abc.

We did an activity like this with colours and made a lovely rainbow. We shall definitely be doing this!

Same Old Eggs, New Twist by Rub Some Dirt on it

A simple but effective way of teaching your loved ones capitals and lower case.

ABC's in a Jar by Small Potatoes

I like this idea. It is a great way of getting them to sound out the letters, for example 'd for dog', whilst investigating the toys in the jar.

For 90+ other ways of teaching ABCs, look at 'Learn With Play at Home'.

Friday, 5 April 2013

How to Make Dress-up Costumes for Girls

Regardless of the reason to dress up, young children love to kit themselves out in themed gear; my daughter is definitely one of them!

There are so many fabulous costume instructions available, I have split the blog in two: girls items this week and boys next. However, in my house, the costumes are not gender specific.

I am sure that this will be a blog that will continuously be added to; as the list of items is endless and there are so many alternatives for one theme.

Medieval Crown by Free Kids Crafts

Gold Lace Crown
Free Kids Crafts

Medieval Crown
Free Kids Crafts

Felt Princess Crowns by Cutesy Crafts
Felt Princess Crown
Cutesy Crafts

Dress-up Crown
The Long Thread

How to Sew a Princess Dress by Melissa J. Bell at eHow

Princess Tiara Tutorial by Lu Bird Baby
Princess Dress
Melissa J. Bell at eHow

Princess Tiara
Lu Bird Baby

Cornstarch Jewellery by Free Kids Crafts
Cornstarch Jewellery 

Tutu Tutorial by Plumtickled

Slim Stash: The Resident RN - Old School Style by The Crafty Cupboard
Registered Nurse
The Crafty Cupboard

Snow White Dress Tutorial by Heavenly Handmade
Snow White Dress
Heavenly Handmades

The Circle Skirt Tutu by Sewing the Littleheart Collection
Circle Skirt Tutu
Sewing the Littleheart

Alice in Wonderland by Threading my Way
Alice in Wonderland
Threading my Way

Dress-up Box: Tippytoes by ikat bag
ikat bag

Mademoiselle Butterfly by Martha Stewart
Mademoiselle Butterfly
Martha Stewart

More Winged Costumes by Martha Stewart
Basic Wings
Martha Stewart

Cool Cow Mask by Free Kids Crafts
Cow Mask
Free Kids Crafts

Belle Princess Dress by Homemade Toast
Belle Dress
Homemade Toast

Cinderella Princess Dress by Homemade Toast
Cinderella Dress
Homemade Toast

Cinderella Dress by Make It & Love It
Cinderella Dress
Love It & Make It

Tinker Bell Costume by Make It & Love It
Tinker Bell Costume
Make It & Love It

Crown by Joyfolie

Fairy Romper by Little Pink Monster
Fairy Romper
Little Pink Monster

No Sew Cape by The Train to Crazy
No Sew Cape
The Train to Crazy

DIY Tinkerbell Costume by The Train to Crazy
Tinkerbell Costume
The Train to Crazy