Wednesday, 3 April 2013

20+ Learning Tools to Teach your Children Number Recognition

In our house, numbers are recited at every given opportunity and my elder children can now confidently count to 12. However, when it comes to recognising numbers, the answer is not so good!

Over the next few weeks, the activities below shall be put into action and hopefully I will be able to report back our success at mastering this important skill!

To do list:
  • Make sure that I point out numbers at every given opportunity (house numbers, clocks etc.);
  • Count everything (stairs, snacks etc.);
  • Read books (make your own books, your child can trace and colour each number);
  • Toys (telephones, number puzzles etc.);
  • Play games (lotto, snakes and Ladders, snap, dominoes, Hopscotch, I spy - for example, 'I spy 3 of something');
  • Create a treasure hunt (they can find the next number using a clue);
  • Sing songs involving counting (10 green bottles, 5 little ducks etc.)

Wall Charts

Numbers Chart 1-20 by Guru Parents

Guru Parents have created a colourful 'Numbers Chart 1-20', which is a fabulous freebie!

Number Matching Game by Kids Learning Station

Kids Learning Station's free 'Number Matching Game' is a great way of spending quality time with your little ones while they soak in the numbers (hopefully).

Counting Sensory Bin by Connecting Family & Seoul

These sensory bins by Connecting Family & Seoul are a fun-filled idea for young ones to learn with.

Jumping Eggs by Little Family Fun

Too late for Easter but maybe one for next year! Little Family Fun's Jumping Eggs are a guaranteed great activity.

Cleaning by the Numbers by What to Expect

What to Expect have thought up a brilliant idea that helps you and them! You must look at Cleaning by the Numbers from What to Expect.

Number Crunches by What to Expect

Another one from What to Expect - Number Crunches will mean that your children will continue to learn even whilst eating!

Number Hunt by Rainy Day Mum

A great number hunt game that has been thought up by Rainy Day Mum.


Numbers Colouring Pages by All Kids Network

All Kids Network have made simple number colouring pages that can be downloaded and can give endless fun for your children.

Counting Practice Pages by Kids Learning Station

Kids Learning Station offer a range of great counting pages for you to download. Although this will not aid number recognition, they are great counting tools.

Kids Printable Number Worksheets by Kids Learning Station

These sheets by Kids Learning Station are a little advanced for my children but I shall definitely keep them for future reference.

Numbers by She Knows

She Knows have posted a variety of worksheets that can be downloaded. Besides counting exercises, there are clear and simple (individual) number pages that can be used to help your children recognise them.

Flash Cards

Number Flash Cards by Mr Printables

Mr Printables', Number Flash Cards are a gorgeous addition to any home. Children will love the colourful pictures that adorn each card.

Ladybug Number Match by Busy Little Bugs

Busy Little Bugs' Ladybug Number Match game would be enjoyed by all the family.

Freebie Friday - Easter Egg Number Match by Busy Little Bugs

A little late for Easter but Busy Little Bugs have created this cute game for the youngsters in your life.

Decorative Number 1-20 by Early Learning HQ

Early Learning HQ have posted these colourful number cards to be downloaded. These cards show the written word.

Printable Number Concept Flashcards by Imperfect Homemaker

Imperfect Homemaker's Printable Number Concept Flashcards are another great addition to your teaching aids.

Flash Cards by Nicole's Classes

Besides numbers, these flashcards also include colours, shapes and animals. The Flash Cards by Nicole's Classes are a must!

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