Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How to Teach Your Children About the Taste Sense

What are the five senses and how do you teach them to your children? When I say "smell this", "taste that", they know which body part to use
but they do not know how the senses interlink and aid each other. I am also not 100% that they understand what each sense actually is; so I decided to start with taste as the first sense to learn.

Activities to teach the senses should be fun and experimental. There are many ideas around; some are detailed below.
  • Ask your tot to close their eyes; explaining that they are going to taste food without seeing it. Ask them to identify the food they are fed and discuss how sight is an important tool when eating. Recommended foods to sample: pasta, popcorn, chocolate, yoghurt, jelly, cheese, jam...
  • Bright Hub Education have compiled a list of fun activities that will help teach the senses to your children.  
  • Apples can provide a fabulous tool for teaching; Bright Hub Education's website offers clear instructions. 
Mouth/Sense of Taste by Teach Your Tot

  • Teach Your Tot's activities are great for helping your children understand all elements that are involved in tasting: mouth, lips etc.

  • Squidoo has sought out some excellent worksheets that are colourful and fun and will hopefully help your tots understand the sense of taste (and the other senses).
  • Lucy Gardens have ideas for creating a sensory garden that can teach your children much more than the taste sense!
Hopefully, your tots will be the most knowledgeable children in town once you have finished these activities!

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