Wednesday, 1 May 2013

19 Outdoor Toys to Make for Your Children

Finally, after a winter that never seemed to finish, a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen - spring!

With the recent warm weather, the Minky Monkey Moo household have dusted off our outside toys and enjoyed using them for 'the first time', all over again!

However, as the babes are another year older, new toys are always welcome; so I have seeked out some of the best from the rest. Although some of the pictures are indoors, they can easily be transferred to the garden.

Homemade Fun by See Jane Blog
See Jane Blog
How to Make an Igloo by Little Giraffes
Little Giraffes
A River Runs Through it by Camo and Bows
Camo & Bows
How to Make Bouncy Balls From Common Household Items by Capreek on Curbly
Capreek on Curbly
KidWash: PVC Sprinkler Water Toy by discontinuity on Instructables
on Instructables
Hula Hoop Croquet by The Crafting Chicks
The Crafting Chicks

Fleece Horseshoe Tutorial by Craftiness is Not Optional
Craftiness is Not Optional
Passing Practice by Spoonful
Bean bag Toss (Tutorial) by Sew Woodsy
Sew Woodsy

 Make Your Own Kid Sized Play Pup Tent by Stephanie Lynn
By Stephanie Lynn
Giant "wooden block stacking game" tower by Mtoashirbab on Instructables
on Instructables
Pony Tire Swing by Dave's Garden
Dave's Garden
Designing Hopping Animal and Comic Book Character Toys by wombatmorrison on Instructables
on Instructables
Wooden Toy Dinosaurs by tiburon4 on Instructables
Tiburon4 on Instructables

Oak Tree and a Woodpecker Game by nemalin on Instructables
Nemalim on Instructables

Gone Fishing Game by Kaboose
Make a Racket by Spoonful
Backyard Sprinkler Park by Event Horizons
Event Horizons
Summer Camp Fish Game by Design Dazzle
Design Dazzle

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