Friday, 22 March 2013

Easter Decorations, Easter Egg Hunts and Alternative Easter Gifts for Children

Growing up, we used to receive Easter Eggs from relatives (that were scoffed in minutes!), but I do not recall Easter being made into more than just eggs!

My eldest children are almost 3, so this year I wanted to make Easter a special time of year; hopefully to celebrate the arrival of spring too. I will introduce the religious meaning next year, as they still think that Jesus is a baby from Christmas!

I started researching Easter egg hunts but the search grew from there; so I have sought out 'eggtastic' decorations, hunt ideas, unusual gifts and dressing-up bits. 


These fun garlands will make your home full of the colours of Spring whilst creating an exciting atmosphere for your children and guests. I am planning to decorate my home on Saturday night, ready for a fabulous surprise when the children rise on Sunday morning.

Easter Egg Hunt Carrot Garland by Lisa Storms at Fiskars

Carrot Garland
Lisa Storms at Fiskars has created this simple garland that looks fun to make with the children. This will decorate my dining room!

Bunny Garland by Martha Stewart

Bunny Garland
This cute bunny garland by Martha Stewart could decorate another room from the one above. This garland will be in my lounge!

Yarn Eggs by Spoonful

Yarn Eggs
Spoonful have created these colourful egg shaped decorations, that could also make another bright garland.  I shall dot these around the house.

Tiny Pinata by Not Martha

Tiny Pinatas
Megan at Not Martha has posted these Tiny Pinatas, which would be enjoyed by all ages and could make a fun gift alternative to the standard shop bought egg when filled with treats. I am going to give these to the adults in my life, filled goodies.

How to Make Easter Chicks by Myrtle and Eunice

Easter Chicks
These cute chicks would look great decorating any home. A gorgeous creation by Myrtle and Eunice. I love these and think that my youngsters will agree.

Easter Paper Chains from Martha Stewart

Easter Paper Chains
Another great decoration from Martha Stewart. They do look cute around the cake. I am going to put this paper chain along my mantel piece (yes, I will have to stick a few together!).

Easter Bunny Footprints by Kidspot

Easter Bunny Footprints
What a lovely idea by Kidspot. I shall be putting these around the house and garden before the hunt!

Chocolate Free Gifts

Chick Bean Bags by Martha Stewart

Chick Bean Bags
These little chicks by Martha Stewart would be a fun alternative to a sweet egg filling (particularly for younger kids).

Little Bunny by Elsie Marley

Little Bunny
A good way to use up the socks that never seemed to fit your baby! Elsie Marley's lovely bunnies would be a great gift alternative to chocolate.

Recycle Mooshy Belly Bunny by Chez Beeper Bebe

Mooshy Belly Bunny
If you ever thought 'what am I going to do with these old t-shirts?', these are the answer! These bunnies by Chez Beeper Bebe would welcome a snuggle for your little ones.

Honey Bunny Bookmark by Martha Stewart

Honey Bunny Bookmark
How sweet are these? Martha Stewart has created a lovely personalised option.

Bunny Finger Puppets by Purlbee

Bunny Finger Puppets
Babies and young children will love these bunnies by Purlbee. I shall be making a few of these for my children to play around with.

Egg T-Shirt by iCandy Homemade

Egg T-Shirt
What a cute gift by iCandy Homemade for the little ones in your life.

Bunny Ears by Martha Stewart

Bunny Ears
What a gorgeous gift for your loved ones. Another great alternative by Martha Stewart. I cannot wait to see Minky, Monkey and Moo in these!

Easter Egg Hunts and Games

The Daily Meal have compiled a list of 10 fun Easter egg hunts. Personally, I think that 'The Bunny Treasure Map' (number 6) sounds like it great fun for kids.

How to Create Your Own Easter Egg Hunt by Red Ted Art for Tesco Magazine

Red Ted Art has created a hunt for Tesco's Magazine, which would be enjoyed by all ages and as the children help to prepare, the fun and atmosphere will be at boiling point by the time the hunt starts!

Fun Egg Games by Jennifer Magnesi for eHow

Jennifer Magnesi posted 6 fun options on eHow. The Egg Race, Treasure Hunt and Egg Toss sound like immense fun for children of all ages.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas by Gillian Fitzgerald for Little Heroes

Gillian Fitzgerald for Little Heroes has compiled a list of 'Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas'. The 'Easter Treasure Map Hunts' gives a good idea of using pictures of the object for younger children to find the egg; something I may implement.

Wow, there are so many options to make and create for children; too many to post today! My house is going to be full of the garlands and yarn eggs. I shall post pictures after Easter to show you my attempts at these great blog entries.

Next Friday, I shall post Easter baskets and packaging for your homemade gifts. Have a good week.

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