Wednesday, 27 March 2013

3 Activities to Teach Colours to Your Children

When I first started teaching my children colours, each one was blue! Thankfully, they are better at recognising colours now but we often still have mistakes and guesses.

This week I concentrated on teaching them colours and tailored our play towards this topic. Besides using every opportunity to ask "what colour is this?" or "can you find something ...?"; we played the 3 exercises below. There has been a significant improvement this week but (with one of my twins) there is still room for development; so the teachings must continue.

Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Toy RainbowMinky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Toy Rainbow

To start the week on a colourful note, we made a toy rainbow! I asked them what colours they thought made up a rainbow and arch by arch, we built a colour coded collection of toys. They really enjoyed hunting out the toys and were excited to add them to the growing pile.

Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Sticky Rainbow 1Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colour Sticky Rainbow

Continuing with rainbows, we used small scrunched up pieces of tissue paper and glue to make a lovely piece of art! I coloured in the arches on their pictures, so that they knew which colour to find and stick; you could get them to colour in each line but mine still cover the whole page with just one or two scribbles! We discussed the colours that they had found and I also challenged them to find a colour and to stick it in the right place. We had a fabulous time getting all sticky!

Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Hunt 1
The third exercise involved braving the cold weather but they love any excuse to be outside!

Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Hunt 2
I hid 2 of each coloured shape (one for each twin) around the garden - under a hedge, in the hedge, on a bench, under the trampoline.....

Minky Monkey Moo Learn Colours Hunt 3
I then asked, "can you find a (colour and shape)?" They then enjoyed seeking them out. I did try and get the twins to hunt for different shapes and colours, as they are at different stages in their learning but twins being twins, they helped each other out and passed the second shape to the other. Bless them!

It has been a fun week and they have definitely come on leaps and bounds with their colours. Now to extend their pallet; watch this space.

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